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Team building programs

Possibilities for relaxation indoors and outdoors:

  • The wellness section of our hotel is open from 07.00 am until 09.00 pm.
  • The Lepence Beer Bar is waiting for their guests in winter and the Topáz Drink Bar in summer being open until midnight.
  • We organize dinners in private dining rooms and music parties for groups upon request with performers, a DJ and karaoke.
  • Also wine and Pálinka tasting and thematic dinners are organized for groups.

Team challenge (outdoor):

The new structure of the Team Challenge is different from the traditional outdoor "from station to station" team building trainings. The teams have to complete 5 missions (or 10 missions in case of a bigger number of people) and they encounter additional subtasks within each mission. The team does not get full information about the subtasks so they will have to choose the task they want to fulfil without knowing this information. Each mission is based on different themes, they include tasks requiring skills, logical way of thinking and creativity thus everyone will have the chance to show their strength in an area even if they are just watching passively in another mission. Required site for the programme: a forest or the park of the hotel.

City challenge (outdoor):

Discovering a town is always an attractive programme and it is especially exciting when it is about a several-thousand-year-old town. In the game the participants form teams who can get to know the most important historical events, the most famous inhabitants, the most popular artists and of course the local gossips of the given town. It is played differently from the traditional ways, it is exciting, funny, thought- provoking, in short it is playful. The teams - while visiting the famous place, hidden spaces, secret passages of the town - solve tasks based on different themes. Do not worry, it is not a "dull" history quiz. When for example the teams are having a rest on a terrace eating an ice-cream sundae they won't feel like that. This way also puzzles can be solved faster.

Night adventure tour (outdoor):

Is there anything more exciting than a forest at night? Mysterious darkness, animal sounds, rustling, the crunching sound of dry leaves. In this exciting game the main task of the team members is to help each other, to cooperate, to communicate, because it is the only way to get out of the forest. The dark forest, the sounds and noises give a basic atmosphere to the game thus the first task of the teams is to get used to the situation and the real tasks are just coming afterwards. The duration of the programme is about 1.5 hours due to the nighttime. At the end of the game the teams can celebrate their "escape" by having some fine Pálinka and also those can feel relieved who are afraid of the dark.

Garden party (outdoor):

Kinds of programmes we usually play with friends at garden parties and many additional programmes:

  • Making a tableau – memory game
  • Sumo tournament
  • Table soccer tournament
  • Badminton tournament
  • Table tennis tournament
  • Beach volleyball tournament
  • Five-a-side football
  • Darts competition
  • Football played on stilts and steeplechase
  • Board games
  • Giant Jenga

Required site for the programme: park of the hotel or any outdoor venue.

Danny Ocean's band (outdoor):

This hectic, funny game was inspired by the Ocean’s Trilogy (11, 12, 13), the framework of which is connected to the robbery of casinos, art thefts and of course an easy-going elegance. Danny Ocean would like to expand his team and now here is a chance for the participants to prove through various tasks whether they are suitable for it or not. How can they cope with the laser field, can they deactivate the alarm, are they good at planning routes? During the programme the games recall the scenes known from the films and in the end the teams can show their skills in the topic through an exciting crime story quiz. Required site for the programme: a forest or the park of the hotel.

Film festival (can be implemented both outdoors and indoors):

During the programme the teams pick different topics and they have to prepare a film about it using a camera they receive. The topics can be connected to different geographical locations (e.g. Africa, tropical islands, etc.) or a specified type of film has to be made (horror, comedy, etc.). The teams' task is to write the scripts, the dialogues, to design and make the costumes and to shoot and edit a short film. Then at night the films can be shown and everyone can enjoy and laugh at them. The programme can be completed with an awards ceremony too.

We Romans (outdoor):

Hungary has innumerable Roman relics. The Roman defensive wall, a section of the limes was built in Hungary. Both garrisons and settlements could be found along the limes. In the game you can get to know the everyday life of a Roman garrison, the tricks of warfare, the versatility of their culture and try out the activities. At the end of the game it turns out which team members can be full Roman citizens. During the programme the everyday acts of the Roman age citizens arise, e.g. how to wear a toga, how to build a catapult, etc.

Strategic Lasertag (outdoor):

Its aim is to make people play with their colleagues carelessly and strengthen their confidence and cooperation in a good atmosphere. Lasertag: The planning of a common strategy and an enduring, harmonized cooperation among the team members will receive an important role. These guns with no paint or bruises give fantastic experience to their users. Tools: we provide the participants with guns equipped with laser sensors. The laser guns do not shoot off any ammo compared to paintball and airsoft. When you get hit you do not feel any pain, there is no chance to get injured. You do not have to wear any protective clothes or masks. Required site for the programme: in case of an outdoor programme, a grove or forest.

Activities in Visegrád and its neighbourhood

The most beautiful section of the 400 km long Danube in Hungary is the downstream between Szentendre and Esztergom. Visegrád is situated in the most popular resort of the Danube bend, at the feet of the picturesque Börzsöny and Visegrád hills. With its old, established buildings, monuments and narrow streets the town has a unique historic atmosphere. Thanks to its favourable transport and geographical features it is accessible both on the road and by ship. The monuments forming part of the international cultural heritage, the touristic programmes and the facilities worthily rank Visegrád among the settlements of national or even international reputation.

Sights of the region:

  • Castle of Visegrád
  • Royal Palace
  • Salamon Tower
  • King Matthias Museum
  • Görgey-House
  • Medieval times knights programmes
  • Winter-summer bob, Fun Extreme Canopy, mini golf, Go-kart and adventure park
  • Szentendre, Open-air museum
  • Esztergom, Basilica and Castle

Knights' Tournament:

The well-known show of the Saint György's Knights will be presented in the hall built especially for this purpose, in a heated, elegant environment, depending on the weather, from 1 November until 15 March. Before the programme the court of arts and crafts is waiting for our guests with a high standard exhibition, and after serving the drinks you can see the show. The guests can take their seats in comfortable, padded chairs. The special design of the hall does not only ensure the perfect implementation of the programme but also aesthetically contribute to the speciality of the attraction. After the show our guests can try out simple weapons also here (archery, throwing flails). The duration of the whole programme is about 70 minutes.

Medieval Tournaments:

The participants can match their strength against each other in the frames of medieval tournaments in the Citadel. The team members can try out sports like spear and lance throwing, flail throwing, cutting of targets and archery. The duration of the programme is 1-1.5 hours.

Medieval team building:

The well-known programme having been running successfully for several years in the Salamon Tower can be perfectly adapted into the House of Attractions. The participants can perform each task in a heated place. The tasks also our guests can perform are the following: flail throwing, archery, spear throwing, castle wall attack with catapults, cutting of targets with a battle-axe, throwing of wreaths onto a two-hand sword. The duration of the team building is 45-70 minutes depending on the number of participants.

Olympic games of arts and crafts:

The competitive team work carried out in craft workshops is more popular than it was expected. The guests enjoy doing it and they root for each other. The tasks: stone cutting, forging, pottery, making prints on handmade paper - it is recommended to involve not more than 40 people at the same time. If the group includes more people, it is advisable to combine it with other games by dividing the group. Our guests can take their "handicrafts" home as souvenirs. The masters evaluate the quality of work per team by giving points. The duration of the game for each craft is about 15 minutes, thus the activity carried out in all four workshops is about 1 hour.

Laser combat:

The 600 m2 arena located in the basement of the House of Attractions, equipped with obstacles, screens, various objects is artificial but provides a battle field very similar to the real one. Ten players can take part in a combat in two opposing troops. The infrared beams indicating the hits are completely harmless to your health (like that of a remote control). The hits are recorded and evaluated by a central computer. The recommended time for one round in this exciting game between 2 teams requiring significant physical load is 20 minutes, in case of a bigger number of participants it is advisable to combine it with other games, such as the Olympic games of arts and crafts or the medieval team building, which have proved to work well. The duration of the game might vary depending on the physical stamina. In case of 10 people the ideal time is 1 hour.


The ropes course in Visegrád consists of several shorter elements, and its total length is 900m. The ropes course gives special experience to the members of the group.

Pálinka tasting:

The Pálinka Museum located in the Rév Street in Visegrád allows us to get an insight into Pálinka distillation and the history of Pálinka. The visitors may even try how to distil it on the interactive exhibition and they can also prepare unique labels.

Mini tour - comparing 3 different types of Pálinka made from fruits grown in the region + one alcoholic drink, which is to be tasted before the last fruit in order to give a basis for comparison.

Fruits: apricot, plum, quince + test spirit. Duration: about 30 minutes.

Illegal home Pálinka distilling tour - in the Pálinka tasting trip the participants compare 5 different flavours + test spirit. Fruits: apricot, quince, cserszegi fűszeres (Cserszegi Spicy) , plum, apple + test spirit. Duration: about 45 minutes.

Premium tour - we will introduce 7 different types of Pálinka to our guests. Fruits: apricot, plum, pear, apple, quince, marc and Cserszegi Spicy + test spirit. Duration: about 60 minutes.

Segway tours:

The tours start in each case after individual practice on the training tracks. During the 15-minute warm-up we teach you important technical and safety rules, emergency braking, and we also let you ride on asphalt and unsmooth, off-road terrains. You can choose the difficulty and length of the route most suitable to your requirements and skills; Tour along the Danube, Tour on the Kings' Road, Tour from the Danube Bend to the Citadel.

Other programmes:

Sightseeing in Visegrád, canoe tour, cycling tour, trekking.

Adventure park:

Coloured ribbons are placed on the poles in the adventure park for the teams, which they have to collect. We will write the start time on each racer's armband when they go up to the adventure course (8.5 m high). After collecting the ribbons and fighting themselves through the tasks we will know how much time it took and how many ribbons they could collect after they arrive back down. We will give evaluation on the basis of the measured time and the number of the ribbons. After evaluation there is a prize giving ceremony with medals, cups on a stand. It is possible to rent the adventure park also without a race, which includes exclusivity of all the three courses. Yellow children's course from the age of 4 under 140 cm. Red course for beginners from the height of 140cm. Black course for experts over the height of 140cm.

Euro jumping:

4 Trampolines.

Multi-seater fun bikes:

(4 or 5-seater fun bikes). The main point of the race: who can ride the fastest on the track with buoys set on it.


The main point of the competition at the backboard: who can score more points out of ten throws.

Archery tournament:

The winner of the archery tournament is the contestant who can score the most points out of 10 shots.

Lawnmower tractor race:

The racers put on galoshes and a straw hat. After dressing up they can start the race slaloming among the heaps of straw (on 2 tractors). The main point of the race: who arrives first at the finish line.

Other games:

Under the 300m2 event tent there are some additional games suitable for competitions, team building. E.g. soccer tables, marble top pool table, throwing darts and blowgun darts, table tennis, giant chess, air hockey, rally simulator, box machine.

Retro team building competitions:

  • tug-of-war
  • pie-eating
  • beer-drinking from baby's bottle
  • sack-race
  • dance competition: with a potato held between the competitors' foreheads
  • cross-country ski race: a group of 5 people can stand on one giant ski, the team members have to step at the same time until they arrive at the finish (on grassland from spring until autumn)
  • wheelbarrow pushing: the two-member teams get a wheelbarrow each, one of them sits in it and the other pushes it to cross the finish line.


Groups, bigger companies, team building trainings are recommended to try the Formula 1 race or rent the Go-kart track. The rental of the go-kart track for one hour, which includes continuous go-kart driving in 6-8 go-karts and naturally the exclusive usage of the track:

Formula 1 race:

  • 8-minute warm-up round, free practice
  • 8-minute qualifying race
  • 15-lap race
  • At the end of the race prize giving with medals and a cup on a stand.
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