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Visegrád and its neighbourhood

The most beautiful part of the 400 km long Hungarian section of the River Danube is the part between Szentendre and Esztergom. Visegrád is situated in the most popular holiday district of the Danube Bend, at the foot of the scenic Börzsöny and Visegrád Mountains. The settlement has a unique atmosphere with its old buildings mellowed by age, ancient monuments and narrow streets. Due to its favourable transport and geographical conditions, it can be easily accessed by car, train and ship as well. Thanks to the monuments belonging to our international cultural heritage, the tourist events and facilities, Visegrád ranked as a national or even world-famous settlement.

Sites and scenic spots of the vicinity

  • Visegrád Castle
  • Royal palace
  • Solomon Tower
  • King Matthias Museum
  • Görgey House
  • Medevial knight programmes
  • Winter-summer bob, Fun Extreme Canopy, mini golf
  • Szentendre, Village Museum
  • Esztergom, Basilica and Castle
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